5 Beauty Rules We’re All Too Lazy to Follow


In general, rules seem to all have a purpose and beauty roles are definitely no exception to that. But realistically, some of these “über important beauty
rules you MUST follow for amazing healthy skin” sound exhausting AF and none of us really have that kind of time. OK, maybe some of us do and we would rather spend that time shoving pizza in our mouths and downing bottles of wine watching The Bachelorette, but is that such a crime?!

Here’s 5 beauty rules we’ve all considered adding to our routines then eventually took a hard pass:

  1. NEVER sleep in your makeup.


I mean really?! How am I supposed to have the energy to wash my face after being out on the town until 3 am? No. The only thing the drunk version of me wants when I get home after a long night of vodka sodas is to dive head first into my bed.

2. Throw away lipstick/lip gloss after 6 months.


OK, what kind of sick monster decided this was a rule? I paid $30 for this lipstick along with the 20 others that I own, how am I supposed to use it for what it’s worth in 6 short months? Matte red doesn’t work on me everyday and neither does my Barbie pink lip gloss. I will keep using them for everything they’re worth until they’re empty or melt to death after I accidentally leave them in my car all day.

3. Don’t store all of your makeup in one bag.


I’ve spent countless nights looking at these beautiful vanities on Pinterest that I’d love to have in my room. But again, netflix-binging > DIY manual labor. I’ll stick with my one makeup bag.

4. Never touch your face with your fingers.


While I’d really like to be like those YouTube/Instagram celebrities who claim it’s absolutely necessary to have a different brush for every single thing you put on your face. I find it hard to talk myself into spending $200 on a complete makeup brush set. Also, how do you just decided what each brush’s purpose is? Do you label them after you figure it out? How do you keep track of 30 brushes’ jobs all at once? A girl’s gotta blend and sometimes it’s 100% hands-on process.

5. Always wear a primer under foundation.


I get it, even coverage, flawless application and all that great stuff. But I wake up 20 minutes before I have to leave for work. I’m not even really awake enough to know what I’m putting on my face half the time.



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